For customers who require only hourly support, we offer our On Demand IT services.

Our On Demand IT services provide you with a skilled, experienced Network Engineer at reasonable rates.

From planned projects to emergency support to vacation coverage, we can help you address your intermittent IT support needs as required, On Demand.

For a variety of reasons, some customers may not be a fit for managed services.

Sometimes companies need support they didn’t anticipate. Environments that aren’t properly implemented or maintained will sometimes have critical emergencies. For example, email could go down, the remote office might not be able to connect, data is missing, etc.

Some companies may need to offload some of their internal IT workflow for vacation coverage or leave. Some companies may have a solid IT department, but lack depth in certain areas like Microsoft Exchange, security or wireless.

For such customers who may not need the regularity of Managed Services, we offer our On Demand IT Services. Our Engineers have the deep knowledge and broad experience to help you address your technology challenges.

We offer competitive Time & Materials rates and Block Hour agreements.