This accounting cyber audit helps you meet statutory requirements and protect client data

Get a cyber strategy for your accounting practice that satisfies legislation and keeps hackers out

Do you have these concerns about cyber security and accounting?

Cybercrime is growing

One cybercrime report is made approximately every 7 minutes, compared to one report every 8 minutes in 2020-21.

During the 2021-22 financial year, over 76,000 cybercrime reports were made via ReportCyber, an increase of nearly 13 percent from the previous financial year.

As an accounting practice leader, you carry the weight of safeguarding your clients’ sensitive financial information. But how confident are you in your current security measures? The ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats leaves no room for complacency.

Do you have these questions about accounting and cyber security?

  • Does my accounting practice meet (at least) the minimum statutory requirements? If not, what do we need to do?

  • Are there any other obligations I must meet, to “take reasonable steps to prevent client data from misuse?”

  • I have staff working remotely, what do we need to do to protect against cyber attack?

  • Do I need to move my on-premise servers to the cloud, and if so, what is the best cloud system for accounting?

  • Do we have the right IT systems in place to handle leave/employee management, debtors management, etc?

  • Are we compliant with the “Essential 8”, and are we protected against evolving threats?

  • Are my offshore resources as efficient as they could be, and is there AI and other technology available that might remove the need for offshoring?

  • Am I currently overpaying for my accounting practice’s cyber security?

If you would like answers to these important questions, request a 360 Degree Cyber Security Audit where you will:

  • Learn more about cyber security strategies designed specifically for accountants, including the latest cyber security frameworks recommended by major industry authorities (Essential 8 m1, ISO 27001, MS Score)
  • Receive a report and action plan showing you how your cyber security can be improved, without restricting your operational efficiency or growth trajectory
  • Finally be able to relax knowing that you are (a) up to speed with standards and (b) protected against cyber threats. You can also demonstrate due diligence, too.

Please note, this is not a sales pitch in disguise. You will receive actionable information that you can take away and implement yourself. If you would like help implementing our strategies, we can speak about those, too.

This audit is completed by an accounting cyber specialist, and will help you:

Meet statutory requirements for cyber security (eg. Privacy Act, Tax Agent)
Find common weaknesses in accounting IT systems that could cost you dearly
Understand and defend against accounting cyber threats (eg. Spear phishing)
Understand what needs to be done to improve your cyber security
Worry less about cyber, so you can focus on profit and growth centres

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“Priority Networking allow our business to grow without the hassle of requiring a full time IT team to manage our needs. Their approach has always been seamless, helpful and cost effective. I would not hesitate in recommending Priority Networking.”

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“We have been customers of Priority Networking for many years. When things go wrong with your computer systems is when you want to know that your computer support team has your back. Priority has always responded to any crisis we may have had quickly and with practical solutions to resolve the situation. It is a great comfort to us that our businesses are supported by such a responsive support team.”

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“Thank you very much for your availability and assistance to date with the renovation works, it has been greatly appreciated, particularly by me being not great (understatement) with IT. After hours works and prompt attention to a few emergencies, again, greatly appreciated. Last, but certainly not least, we want to make special mention of Austin. Austin is a true gem! I have even had Paul Evans acknowledge today how great Austin is. Paul’s feedback that Austin is very patient and very good. Nothing is too much trouble for Austin, he is very good at explaining situations, problems and how to resolve and he just gets on with it.”

Lisa Fitzpatrick
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Request your 360 Degree Cyber Security Audit carefully designed for Australian accounting practices

You will receive actionable information that you can take away and implement yourself. If you would like help implementing our strategies, we can speak about those, too.