Helping mining companies improve
remote operations, data security,
SCADA connectivity, and more

For more than 12 years, Priority Networking has provided mining companies with industry-specific information technology and cyber security solutions

Are you worried about operational downtime, embarrassing data breaches, or some of these other IT concerns?

Information technology is the backbone of most mining companies. When IT fails, production is likely to halt. Or worse, your data, IP, and entire operation could be vulnerable to a security breach. It’s no wonder so many leaders of mining companies feel…

  • Frustrated by ongoing computer problems (and slow IT support) that undermine productivity

    …and want a team that responds quickly to keep your IT systems running smoothly and reliably

  • Nervous about cybercrime (especially potential political and competitive vulnerabilities)

    …and want help to keep your data (including passwords and emails), your IP, and your reputation secure across multiple platforms including work from home and offshore contractors

  • Tired of overpaying for generic MSP services

    …and want more tailored support from an MSP with specialised experience in the operational complexities and political and competitive sensitivities of mining companies

  • Worried about choosing the wrong MSP

    …and want the assurance of working with an MSP with a proven record helping other mining companies make their IT systems more reliable, efficient, and secure

Many mining companies have similar concerns and questions. That’s why we offer a free consultation with a senior IT strategist, so you can get the answers and advice you need to make your IT systems more efficient, reliable, and secure.

How we help mining companies spend less time on IT, and more time boosting production

Unlike most MSPs that offer generic support across many industries, we specialise in helping mining companies establish, maintain, and grow robust IT systems so you can focus on your core business knowing your IT infrastructure is reliable.

And while other MSPs require you to fit into their cookie cutter service schedules (whether you need them or not), the team at Priority Networking customise solutions to your current needs while proactively planning to meet your operational growth. This means:

  • Better Value

    Only pay for services you actually need

  • No Learning Curve

    We fit into your operations rather than forcing you to adopt ours

  • Less Downtime

    The right help is always on hand when needed

  • Fewer Breakages

    Proactive support keeps things running smoothly

  • You Worry Less About IT

    We sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to

Why mining companies choose us

We know the mining industry

We know the operational and compliance complexities of the mining sector. This helps us prevent future sticking points.

Onboarding is fast, easy, and predictable

You’re probably worrying about a risky transition between IT providers. And that’s fair enough. We’ve done this hundreds of times and we’ll support you every step of the way.

We look after everything, including your telco

We’ll look after everything relating to your IT. And we’ll even liaise with your IT vendors (that’s right, we’ll sit on hold with your telco and ISP) so your team can focus on your business.

We speak your language

Although our team are diehard tech geeks (with years of experience working on the latest IT), they know how to speak plain English, so you’ll always feel comfortable talking with them. Plus, we take the time to learn your individual terminology.

You get fast and local support

The Priority Networking team is based in Australia. This means you get a faster response in your local time zone. Additionally, our experienced technicians undergo regular training to remain on the cutting edge of IT, and we ensure our documentation of your IT infrastructure is always up to date. This means you get the very best service each time you contact us for support.

Get our best advice before you engage us

You won’t be relegated to a commission salesperson or junior tech. Instead, we invite you to speak with one of our senior IT strategists who has both specialised IT knowledge and years of experience in the mining industry.

Some of our happy clients

Quote Image

"I would not hesitate in recommending Priority Networking."

Priority Networking allow our business to grow without the hassle of requiring a full time IT team to manage our needs. Their approach has always been seamless, helpful and cost effective. I would not hesitate in recommending Priority Networking.

Vin Brown, Bronze Road
Quote Image

"Our businesses are supported by such a responsive support team."

We have been customers of Priority Networking for many years. When things go wrong with your computer systems is when you want to know that your computer support team has your back. Priority has always responded to any crisis we may have had quickly and with practical solutions to resolve the situation. It is a great comfort to us that our businesses are supported by such a responsive support team.

Trish Risdale, Board Business

Would you invest 30 minutes on the phone to learn more about an IT solution customised to your mining company?

Investigating MSP options for your mining company can be confusing and time consuming. A few minutes with an experienced IT strategist can give you the information you need to avoid expensive mistakes, clarify your needs, and determine what you’re looking for in an IT and cyber security MSP.

During this call we will:

  • Discuss why many mining companies are paying too much for your IT even though it used to be “cutting edge”
  • Show you how to scale your IT infrastructure without painful cost blowouts
  • Compare your current IT against mining industry best practices
  • Uncover hidden opportunity costs and growth inhibitors that may be holding you back
  • Listen to your concerns or questions about your IT and cyber security
  • Help you decide if your current IT environment needs upgrading

Please be assured this call is not a disguised sales presentation. On the contrary, you will receive expert advice specific to your situation from a specialist with years of experience in the mining industry.

If suitable, we’d naturally love to support your IT infrastructure. In any case, we’re glad to share our years of experience with this free, no-obligation consultation.

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