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Cyber security solutions that safeguard your data, infrastructure, and reputation from cyber threats

The Priority Networking team has over a decade of experience safeguarding and enhancing the security of businesses in a practical and meaningful way

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What is cyber security and data security?

Cyber security and data security focus on protecting an organisation’s digital assets and sensitive information from unauthorised access, breaches, and cyber threats. It encompasses strategies, technologies, and practices to safeguard data and IT systems.

This cyber security and data security service is ideal for growing and mature businesses looking for:

  • A cyber audit
    An essential assessment identifying technology vulnerabilities right now and how you need to be positioned for your industry and your specific business needs 
  • Essential Eight compliance
    Meet the minimum effective requirements of the Essential Eight for Microsoft Windows-based internet-connected networks
  • Vulnerability testing
    Want to know where your cyber risks lie? Live testing to identify and manage your weakest links
  • Staff cyber awareness training
    Human error is the dominant cause of cyber attacks. We ensure your entire team recognises the risks and responds the right way
  • Password management solutions
    Organisation wide password management and control using Keeper
  • End-point protection
    To ensure you’re using the most effective and reliable programs
  • ISO 27001 accreditation compliance implementation
    We help you implement the controls and processes for the internationally recognised specification for Information Security Management Systems

Speak with our experienced team and explore your cyber & data security options today.

Is your online infrastructure (including your website) as safe as it should be?

Something as common as an innocent click, weak password, invisible malware or virus can allow criminals to access your data, disrupt your services, and even lock you out of your own system for a ransom.

Without the effective and maintained security measures your entire organisation is vulnerable to a cyber-attack.

Like many business leaders are you…

  • Concerned about emerging threats… and want a strategic plan to ensure your business minimises cyber risk?
  • Worried about disruptions… and want the right systems in place to ensure business continuity?
  • Apprehensive about increasing website attacks that may interrupt your marketing initiatives… and want to make sure your online presence is protected?
  • Concerned about compliance… and want to be certain you are following best practices that safeguard you from legal penalties and reputation risk?
  • Nervous about supply chain threats… and want a way to ensure your fulfilment capabilities are secure?
  • Nervous about viruses, malware, and ransomware… and want to double-check every IT doorway is locked against possible attacks?  
  • Struggling to stay on top of upgrades and patches… and want a better way to ensure urgent issues don’t stop you by performing regular maintenance tasks that can prevent them?
  • Finding it hard to ensure password security… and want an easier way to manage access with staff coming, going, and working from remote locations?

And like all business leaders, you no doubt want to safeguard your data, your IT infrastructure, and your hard-earned reputation from increasing cybercrime.

Cyber security that’s effective and affordable

For well over a decade, the team at Priority Networking has helped hundreds of businesses have confidence in their cyber security so they can focus on serving clients and growing their business. Like them, you can have a specialist IT team on tap to:

  • Audit and optimise your cyber security systems…
    to ensure you are following best practices for protection and compliance
  • Maintain your security processes…
    with often overlooked updates that prevent future issues
  • And future-proof your cyber security capabilities…
    so you are always protected against the latest threats

And while other service providers have limited options, our extended support with the option of remote and onsite services give you:

  • Better value: Get what your business needs from your IT infrastructure and don’t provision for what you will never use
  • Worry less about IT: We sweat the details so you don’t have to
  • Certainty: know exactly where you stand, exactly what you need, and the implications of your options
  • Minimise downtime: We project manage change in your business and the right help is always on hand when needed

More reasons to partner with Priority Networking for cyber security solutions

  • Reduced cyber security burden: Lightens the workload for your internal IT teams, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Predictable costs: You’ll know exactly what your cyber security investment will be so you can budget with certainty.
  • Enhanced capabilities: You’ll no longer be limited by the knowledge and skills of your in-house staff. You’ll have an entire team of cyber security specialists on tap to bolster your protection.
  • Risk mitigation: Our proactive and advanced security measures safeguard you against cyberattacks, data breaches, and other IT vulnerabilities.
  • Strategic planning: We don’t merely maintain your cyber security, we proactively plan to match your technology to the latest threats
  • Faster problem resolution: Our proven processes and skilled local specialists resolve your issues fast, minimising downtime.
  • Adoption of best practices: We keep you and your team up to date with industry best practices, so you remain compliant and protected

Your Priority Networking team can help you with cyber security solutions including:

Security audit
So you know your vulnerabilities (and how to fix them)

Risk assessment and remediation
Your own security plan with fixed implementation costs and timelines

Cyber security implementation
Done-for-you cyber security so you can focus on your core business with training and phishing campaigns

Security awareness
So you can be sure your entire team is following best practice

Security maintenance
Including updates, patches, and password management to keep your systems safe

Password management
To ensure passwords are strong and up to date

Operating system and application advice
So you know you are using the most reliable programs

Vendor management
To ensure your suppliers are following best practices in cyber security

And much more
Fully customised to meet your exact needs

Our proven process to safeguard your organisation

  • Step 1: IT Opportunity Report

    Gives you an honest assessment of your current cyber security compared to industry standards including patches, passwords, and future-proof flexibility

  • Step 2: Strategy Plan

    Gives you a detailed roadmap to moce towards best practices in all areas of cyber security

  • Step 3: Implementation

    Gives you fast, local support to safeguard your data, your IT infrastructure, and your hard earned reputation from increasing cybercrime

Advice to help you enhance your cyber security

If you’re looking for a more effective and efficient way to enhance security, meet compliance, and safeguard your data so you can focus on serving your customers and growing your business, contact us today to:

  • Gain insights into potential security savings opportunities
  • Uncover hidden security weaknesses that may be leaving you vulnerable
  • Request a personalised IT Opportunity Report outlining how to safeguard your data, your IT infrastructure, and your hard-earned reputation from increasing cybercrime

More than 76,000 cybercrimes were reported in Australia last year. Don’t let your business be the next victim. Speak with a specialist team member and explore your Cyber Security options today.

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Thank you very much for your availability and assistance to date with the renovation works, it has been greatly appreciated, particularly by me being not great (understatement) with IT. After hours works and prompt attention to a few emergencies, again, greatly appreciated. Last, but certainly not least, we want to make special mention of Austin. Austin is a true gem! I have even had Paul Evans acknowledge today how great Austin is. Paul’s feedback that Austin is very patient and very good. Nothing is too much trouble for Austin, he is very good at explaining situations, problems and how to resolve and he just gets on with it.

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