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What is IT maintenance and support?

IT maintenance and support involves the ongoing tasks required to keep an organisation’s technology systems and infrastructure running smoothly, including troubleshooting issues, applying updates, and providing assistance to users when they encounter IT-related problems.

This maintenance and support service is ideal for growing and mature businesses looking for:

  1. Organisation-wide issues resolution
    From ongoing, reliable support to oversight of hardware and software upgrades
  2. Continual monitoring
    Remote monitoring systems that detect problems for a quick resolution
  3. Virtual Chief Information Officer
    A VCIO is your bridge between technology and business evolution; essential for growing businesses
  4. 24/7 help desk support
    Australian-based remote, phone or in-house support to manage those day-to-day issues as they arise
  5. Vendor management and cost control
    Overcome the fractured, inconsistent relationships with internet, telecoms, software and hardware suppliers

Speak with our experienced team and explore your pathway options today.

We can help you with IT maintenance and support including:

Problem Solving
To fix issues fast so you can keep working

Including updates, patches, and password management to keep your systems safe

To keep your IT systems stable with minimum downtime

IT Strategy
So you know where you’re heading, what it will cost, and how it will be implemented

To make your digital transition efficient, cost-effective, and secure

To manage the movement of staff to and from your IT architecture

Vendor management
To monitor supplier relationships and secure better contracts

Information continuity
So data is organised centrally and easily accessible throughout your organisation

And much more
Fully customised to meet your exact needs

IT maintenance and support that’s effective, affordable and scalable

For well over a decade, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses optimise, maintain, and future-proof their IT infrastructure. Your IT Roadmap and recommendations will:

  • Optimise your current IT systems…
    so you can boost productivity and manage costs
  • Maintain your IT infrastructure…
    so you have a stable, reliable system with minimum downtime
  • And future-proof hardware and software…
    so you are equipped for growth

And while other service providers have limited options, we offer extended support with the option of remote and onsite services that give you:

  • Better value: Get what your business needs from your IT infrastructure and don’t provision for what you will never use
  • You worry less about IT: We sweat the details so you don’t have to
  • Certainty: know where you stand, what you need, and the implications of your options
  • Minimise downtime: We project manage change in your business and the right help is always on hand when needed

Our proven process to create and implement an IT roadmap for your business

  • Step 1: IT Opportunity Report

    Gives you an honest assessment of your current IT position against industry standards including security, efficiencies, and future-proof flexibility

  • Step 2: Strategy Plan

    Gives you a detailed map to help you save money on IT infrastructure, optimise your systems for maximum productivity, and future-proof your IT for business growth

  • Step 3: Implementation

    Gives you fast, local support to optimise, maintain, and future-proof your IT infrastructure so you can spend less time worrying about IT and focus on your core business

Get advice to help you optimise, maintain, and future-proof your IT infrastructure

If you’re looking for IT Maintenance and Support to optimise and stabilise your IT operations, and enhance security so you can focus on serving your customers and growing your business, contact us today to:

  • Gain IT insights into potential savings and growth opportunities
  • Uncover hidden IT sticking points that may be hindering your productivity
  • Request a personalised IT Opportunity Report outlining how IT Strategy and Implementation can optimise, maintain, and future-proof your IT infrastructure

Speak with our experienced to explore your IT maintenance and report options so you can rest easy knowing: your team is happy and productive; your customers are getting the service they expect; and your business is flexible and ready to scale for whatever tomorrow brings.

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"I would not hesitate in recommending Priority Networking."

Priority Networking allow our business to grow without the hassle of requiring a full time IT team to manage our needs. Their approach has always been seamless, helpful and cost effective. I would not hesitate in recommending Priority Networking.

Vin Brown, Bronze Road

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